Changing role and industry


 For 19 years, Clive was a serving police officer in London, working in a variety of specialist departments.  His life long passion was to become an airline pilot, and having invested hugely in training for two years he obtained his licences. It was at this point he contacted me. Together we worked on creating a LinkedIn profile, changed his regular CV into a pilot's resume and formed a cover letter. Moving into aviation for the first time we thoroughly explored his direct and transferable skills and created examples for him to use during his competence based interviews. Within two years of becoming a pilot he was promoted to Senior First Officer.


The one-to-one guidance and advice on my online profiles, CV and bespoke applications was an area I felt required additional support. Prior to attending a major UK airline for an assessment and interview, Danielle provided that personal approach to support and prepare me for the day. My new found confidence and knowledge of the interview techniques in this area resulted in an immediate employment offer I couldn't refuse.


Clive, Kent 2016

In search of something different


      We instantly hit it off.  Danielle exudes a great warmth, a genuine desire to help you realise what you are searching for, even if you don’t know what it is yourself!  She is skilled in extracting your professional drivers whilst helping you recognise your own strengths and contribution to the world of work.  I found Danielle’s practical guidance on CV development and building my knowledge on setting up my own business invaluable.    Danielle’s guidance helped me secure my perfect role within my ideal organisation.  Something I just didn’t think was possible.

Cheryl, Berkshire, 2017


 After a variety of diverse roles in an American corporation, it was difficult for Cheryl to decide where she wanted to take her career, she just knew that she wanted to do something different.   I explored various paths with her, from self-employed consulting, to again being employed within an organisation.

After a variety of diverse roles in an American corporation, it was difficult for Cheryl to decide where she wanted to take her career, she just knew that she wanted to do something different.   I explored various paths with her, from self-employed consulting, to again being employed within an organisation.


After ten years’ service Lynn found herself redundant at the age of 60. She hadn’t put together a CV or had an interview in that time and was petrified at the thought of having to find a new job.  She was recommended to me to tackle both of these things and feel confident to face the future.  First of all I helped her rewrite her CV and condense it into a very readable document that would by eye-catching to a potential employer.  In addition I coached her in interview techniques.


Danielle gave me tasks to do and helped coach me to be able to go into an interview and sell myself without ‘waffling’.  The result of Danielle’s patience and hard work was that I was offered three jobs within a couple of weeks of each other, one of which I took and love.  I cannot thank Danielle enough for what she did for me, her warmth, reassurance and professionalism was rewarding, I would strongly recommend her services. 

Thank you Danielle.


Lynn, Berkshire, 2015

Petrified of having to find a new job

Promotion to senior leadership

Danielle has been a great support to me in my career. She actively listened to my goals and work through a clear annual plan to help me achieve what I had set out to do. Her approach was logical and she guided and urged me to explore what I wanted, who my key stakeholders were, and how I could achieve my plans.


What I loved about Danielle's approach to coaching was that it was collaborative,  but she was clever in her ability to interject and make me question the whys and wherefores. Without Danielle's help, I would not have achieved the promotion and the 22% salary increase. This was along with fantastic endorsements from my own senior leadership team. 

Her approach built my confidence in my own abilities,  led me to explore my own aspirations and has spurred me on for success. 

I am certain that without her input and candid approach that I would not have moved forward in my career as quickly as I have. Danielle and I have the next challenge to face together but with her help I am certain that I will achieve what I set out to do.


Jo, Kent, 2015

Underselling skills and experience


Liz, came to me for help with her first job search in over 10 years. Her need to change roles was driven out of a desire not to commute to London now that her son was about to start school. As we started to review her CV and cover note, it became clear that Liz was struggling to apply her skills into a personal statement and resume and was drastically underselling herself. We worked quickly as time was of the essence with holidays booked, her notice period and the beginning of the school year fast approaching.


Danielle really helped me consolidate my thoughts and realise all my transferable skills as my job till then had been in a reasonably niche market. She reviewed several CV versions for me and provided an extensive telephone consultation which I came away from with 5 pages of notes!! I was extremely nervous about being back on the job market after spending a quarter of my life in one role.  However, Danielle recognised that I was underselling myself and gave me the confidence to secure another job successfully. I throughly recommend Danielle's five star service!


Liz, Kent, 2016

Daunted by updating 15 year old CV


 Dan wanted to change jobs but had no idea where to begin, all he had as an advert. We first looked at his drivers, goals and aspirations to ensure the role he was interested in was the one for him. Then I taught him how to read the job description to identify what the recruiter was specifically looking for and then supported him to write his covering letter so it would gain their attention. We also conducted a mock interview to ensure he was applying his STAR interview responses in a concise way.


I had not updated my CV for over 15 years and was daunted by the prospect of attempting to work on it. I should not have worried because Danielle's easy, calm and confident  approach guided me through it.


My CV flowed and became clear and structured. I sent the covering letter and CV in and was rewarded with an interview. As I had not interviewed for a decade and a half I had no idea what to expect. However, Danielle was at hand to tutor me on my interview technique. Danielle told me what type of interview to expect and helped focus my thoughts and possible answers so when the day arrived I was prepared, calm and confident. 


I made it through to the final interview where the MD told me I had one of the best CVs he had seen. I was offered the role but I can say with certainty, that would not have happened if it wasn't for the guidance I received from Danielle.

Dan, Kent, 2015

What others respond to

Danielle used her considerable experience, intuition and very personable style to help me recognise what others would respond to in my LinkedIn profile. It has helped across a variety of platforms as well as building my own confidence in presenting myself as a strong candidate.


Gillian, Kent, 2014

Diversifying business portfolio 


For 17 years, Guy's family-run business, located in rural Kent focused on producing high quality chestnut products as well as complete woodland management services for his customers. I worked with Guy to develop several different structures, including pricing plans and developing his market penetration strategy. Guy then diversified the business into the arena of sustainable furniture and creates beautiful bespoke pieces. We now meet when needed to provide Guy with the time and space to clarify the next series of priorities as his business expands and grows.


Danielle has been coaching our company since 2015. She is very effective,  professional and has a personable  manner.  She has helped to clarify short-, mid- and long-term goals and supported us in a bespoke and individual way. When necessary we ask for very intense support to help guide us through critical and timely milestones.  Danielle has worked with us to see the bigger picture and  develop the required steps to go from one achievement to the next.

Guy, Owner LM Forestry Ltd, Kent

Creating a new business


Already running a successful business Deborah had a vision of expanding her passion of empowering individuals to obtain optimal health and balance by forming a collaboration with other WellBeing disciplines and bringing them together under a mutually beneficial Centre of Excellence. We work closely together rapidly transforming ideas into completed actions. We meet weekly and we keep each other up-to-date on the multiple, diverse initiatives that are simultaneously running. I focus on creating the solid operational foundations for the WellBeing Centre, such as defining Agreements, creating Management Information structures and ensuring optimal collaboration.


Danielle has put into place the structure around my dream that ensures it will exceed my expectations, be well-grounded and outlast me. We have been on an incredible journey together in developing a sustainable and profitable business with The Georgian House Wellbeing Centre Ltd. Her phenomenal organisational skills and experience, coupled with a tremendous sense of humour, have provided a safe place for me to land. As someone with a pioneering spirit my visions and enthusiasm have a way of moving at a pace that requires a more level headed-person to help make them a feasible reality. Danielle is that person who will literally help you reach for the stars whilst being firmly rooted in solid ground.

Deborah, Owner The Georgian House WellBeing Centre, Kent

Connecting with ideal clients


As part of her preparation for a specific networking event, I sent Hannah a bespoke form to complete with several thought provoking questions to consider and capture her responses.   When we met we expanded these responses into key messages and then we focused on how to convey these messages in a way that fit with Hannah's own personal values and the brand of her company.


Danielle is the ultimate professional and reassuringly organised.  Approachable, full of enthusiasm and damn good at what she does. 

In one of our recent sessions she was able to help me with things I thought ‘I just wasn’t good at’. Danielle helped  me gain clarity on the key messages I wanted to convey. Then she helped me form the words that would connect directly with my ideal clients.  

I would thoroughly recommend working with Danielle, she is skilled in many areas and I will certainly continue to develop my business with her expert support. 

Hannah, Owner The Nourished Body, Kent

Sole trader playing all roles


After twelve years in veterinary practice in both post surgical care and conservative treatment, Julia had already set up her own business specialising in chiropractic and acupuncture treatments for dogs and horses. It was after her first son was born that day-to-day life as a busy self-employed mother was not always straight forward. This is when she contacted me and we have been working together since 2014.  When we met, we work on reducing the noise and confusion of busy lives by focusing on small manageable business tasks and reframing techniques, which make the challenges much easier to deal with.


Danielle has performed an incredible job as a business coach for Chirovet. Her professional expertise yet personal feel has made her an incredible help to me to find answers to difficult questions. Being a sole trader, strategic and tactical management is key at all levels particularly for a small but very busy business.


Danielle has provided valuable tools across the field and helped to prioritise to make the business run smoothly, effectively and to the highest quality for clients and myself .

Thank you for all your help!

Julia, Owner Chirovet, Kent

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