"Let's Connect" 

Career and personal coaching 

Please get in touch and during a sample session, you can tell me about your aspirations and challenges and you'll get to experience me as a coach. We will discuss a coaching alliance that's right for you. It's important to see if coaching with me is the right choice for you.

Team performance and effectiveness 

Please get in touch and tell me about your business vision, goals, culture. We can start to explore how I could help you gain insight and create support for your leaders, teams and individuals.  The approaches I use will complement the internal human resource team you may have in-place. 


"We are not coaching for problems to be solved

we are coaching for a life to be lived" 

Jim Patterson


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You can find more information regarding my experiences, qualifications and recommendations on LinkedIn. Drop me a note or request an explorative call to tell me more about you and your aspirations.


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