Yes! I want that Life!

I was on a train from London Kings Cross to Newcastle last Friday. It was packed due to the Edinburgh Festival and I had no seat reservation, so I perched on my suitcase next to a group of well-organised ladies off on a hen weekend. I liked them instantly - they were serving Prosecco from a bottle with a cool sleeve, sipping their bubbles from flutes. A belly laugh and a phrase from one of the ladies caught my attention.

“Oh yes! I want that life!”

I love to hear statements like these and when clients tell me this I particularly love what comes next: their descriptions of what they want more of and how they would like things to be different in their lives. I can feel their desire, their hunger…and at times their desperation in wanting to achieve something specific in their lives, but not knowing quite how to make it happen.

And this is where I love to help.

The examples I hear range from wanting more time, better organisational skills and yearning for a different career. Every aspiration I’ve heard has been inspiring! I know from my own personal experience and from clients, that any form of change can seem difficult - even unachievable - due to everything else going on in your life. But it needn't be and working with a coach is a great way to “make things happen”.

I can help you clarify “what” it is you want and help identify “how” you are going to get there. Through small actions you’ll find yourself moving steadily towards the life, career or wellbeing you desire.

Fancy identifying what you want more of, better, different in your life? Grab a coffee & pen and try this exercise "Wheel of Life". I’d love to see how you get on



If you no longer want to be an onlooker to the kind of life you want, contact me 07919 051414 or and we can have an informal chat about how I can support you to be living not dreaming about the kind of life you want.