Career Energiser

Do you have your heart set on a job vacancy and the submission date is coming up fast? Are you looking to obtain a promotion at work?


Let's get you interview ready - quickly! I'll review your CV and give you tips for improvements, we'll match your skills and strengths to the potential job descriptions and prepare you for competency based interviews using the STAR interview response technique. I'll perform mock interviews to ensure you are delivering relevant, considered and concise responses. You'll gain the confidence  to make the career progression you never thought possible.

£55.00 by the hour 

£200.00 4-hour package  ( 4 weeks )


4 x 1 hour sessions within 4 weeks.


These can be extended to 2 x 2 hour sessions if you would prefer to work at a quicker pace.


 Available in person or virtually via Skype/Zoom.


Agreed email/text support between sessions.

Please feel free to ask for other options that would support your timescales.

Lifestyle Change

What would you like to change in your life? How would you like things to be different? Do you feel you have lost your way? Do you know where to start to change things?

Let's explore the changes you want to bring to your life or the impact of events that have already changed your life - work, career, motherhood, relationships. We'll focus on you gaining clarity on what matters to you, strengthen your life and wellbeing balance and work on what you want more of, better or different in life. We will explore and delve into a variety of areas across your life looking at habits, behaviours and actions to make the lifestyle you want a reality.

£55.00 by at the hour   

£300.00 6-hour package ( 3 months )


6 x 1 hour session within 3 months.


These can be extended to 90 minutes if you would prefer longer more relaxed sessions. 


Available in person or virtually via Skype/Zoom. 


Agreed email/text support between sessions.

Please feel free to call me to discuss other options that would support your lifestyle.

Business Boost

Working for yourself can be both immensely satisfying and highly stressful.and at times you are bound to feel somewhat overwhelmed and overstretched.

Let's make things easier for you to improve your business performance by working together to clarify exactly what it is you need to do, organise those multiple to-do lists and identify which conflicting work priorities you need to focus on next.  I can also help you manage people, deliver on an important project or make a daunting decision. You will feel in control, not overstretched and have structure, a plan and guidance to follow it all through.

£55.00 by the hour 

£350.00 7-hour package ( 3 months )


7 hours within 3 months.


You can choose to book hourly or 90 minute sessions, half days (3.5 hours) or a full days (7 hours).


Available in person or virtually via Skype/Zoom.


Agreed email/text 

support between sessions

Please feel free to contact me to discuss other tailored options that would best support your business.