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Truly focus on yourself and your business skills and competencies. Expand your know-how and resourcefulness to promote yourself effectively, grow your business and achieve an optimal work/life balance.

Private Coaching

both dont know and know  If you don’t quite know what you want are lacking direction and have lost your way this package is for you as it will help you gain clarity and on what matters to you.


Working together we will look at what you would like to enhance in your life and explore the changes you want to bring to your life or the impact of events that have already changed your life, in your work, career, parenthood or relationships. 

After completing this package you will feel you clearer on your direction and will have identified what it is that you want more of, better or different in your life and have made some changes to get you closer to your desired being.

What's involved?

We will meet every month for an hour, and these can be extended to 90 minutes if you would prefer longer, more relaxed sessions. 


To fully experience the benefits of coaching and make progress, I recommend you commit to three months of coaching. You can continue coaching beyond this.


Cost per 1-hour session £60.00 


There is a 10% reduction when committing to 3 sessions £162.00 

Small Business Coaching Package

This is for anyone who loves achievement, recognition and success, and you have worked extremely hard to get there. 


As a high achiever you usually soldier on and try to ‘do it all’ - after all a successful person should have “life” under control. 


But if you are feel you are neither fully achieving your career ambitions, living the  home life you desire or feel stressed, guilty and pulled in multiple (often conflicting) directions -  then this coaching package will allow you to take stock of where you are, explore whats going on and help you to gain a clear vision. 


After completing this package you will feel energised and will be spending more time doing more of what you love - and less of what you don't! You will also be more effective in the use of your time and will create some unique supportive daily habits to help you be more successful. 


This package is best suited to people who are highly motivated and will work independently between the sessions. 

What's involved?

This programme is made up of 6 to 8 sessions held within 3 to 4 months. Each session will be for an hour, but can be extended to 90 minutes if you would prefer longer, more relaxed sessions.


You will be provided with coaching exercises to work on between the sessions to help you deepen your experience and consciously draw upon the insights gained as part of your personal development.


6 to 8 sessions (3 to 4 months)


£100 per month

2 x 60 minute sessions

Cost for month for 90 minute sessions is £150 per month

Fit For Business

Unstoppable Energy is a wellbeing collaboration combining nutrition and coaching specifically designed for busy women who want to eat better, live better and feel better. 

Our mission is to harness energy by aligning lifestyle choices with the seasons.








Option One - by the hour:

You can choose to book hourly or 90-minutes sessions or you may choose to retain me for full days (six hours) or half day (three hours). These options can be taken on a pay as you go basis. 


Cost per 1-hour session: £5.00 

The cost includes agreed email/text support between sessions.


If you would like to secure a pre-paid package you will benefit from a 10% reduction across all sessions. 







Professional Development Events



Co-hosted and co-presented with Liz Goodfellow of Wonder Women Network , together we run networking and professional development workshops designed for women who work for themselves. 


Together we have created a collaboration called Fit for Business which is a fun, friendly supportive group for ambitious women who want more from the networking experience.  


Our programme is designed to build business strength and improve freelance flexibility. We have a real passion for wellbeing and believe that nutrition, self-nurture and exercise are critical to being your best self as well as an essential part of your personal and business success.


During the events you will learn key competencies to boost your entrepreneurial endurance and provide a solid foundation for your business stability. 






What our attendees say...



“I attend a number of networking events and this is unique in that there is also an opportunity for you to

reflect and grow as a business owner with support from Liz, Danielle and the other wonderful women in the group.

I learned so much from the ‘business wheel’ exercise about me and my business and I am eager

to continue to learn in the next sessions." 




“Liz and Danielle have hit on something fairly unique for business women in Kent. The energy in the room was palpable,

without any pressure to network uncomfortably, you could see the room responding to the activity

Danielle and Liz had designed and applying it to their business aims.”




“This is networking with a difference. The energy of Liz and Danielle is so contagious and I left feeling energised

and enthusiastic about my business. So many networking groups are just about handing out business cards

and standing up to do your pitch. This offers something gentler but, at the same time, far more powerful - the chance

to build real relationships with like-minded women, whilst also learning something that will grow your business.” 




About my experience


I have spent over 20 years of my corporate experience working in Marketing, HR, and Project Management. I have led and managed multiple international projects across Europe, Middle East and Asia working for large companies such as O2, BAA, Worldpay, Direct Line Group and United Health Group. I have been running my own business since 2014. 


This combined experience has provided me with in-depth knowledge of the operational logistics and challenges in running a small business. Through facilitation, brainstorming and coaching I can help you improve the performance of your business, support your professional development and strengthen your personal resilience.


I am a qualified Prince II practitioner and hold a degree in Business and Computing. I am Director of People and Engagement at the Association for Coaching (AC); I am Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) qualified and a member of the Association for Coaching (MAC) and registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

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