For personal development opportunities take a look at the range of events below. If you have any questions or are uncertain which event could be right for you then please get in touch and we can have an informal chat. 

For team and business support please get in touch.  You can tell me about your business vision, team goals, culture and we can start to explore how I can design, deliver and facilitate bespoke events that are relevant, interactive and practical - supporting your business direction and vision. 


"Some people want it to happen

some wish it would happen

others make it happen" 

Michael Jorden

Fit For Business

Professional Development & Networking for Women

We are a Professional Learning Network, delivering Business Development and Wellbeing events to female business owners who are in the early stages of their entrepreneurial journey. 

Our approach is to combine the benefits of networking with professional development to ensure you have the skills needed grow your business skills and your freelance network. 

Our events are designed for you to connect with others to whom you can relate and aspire to and have time to reflect upon your business growth and development.


These events are co-hosted and co-presented with Liz Goodfellow of Wonder Women Network.

Co-Host Liz Goodfellow

Wonder Women Network

Liz is on a mission to empower women to feel wonderful, and achieve their ambitions without burning out or sacrificing their health and well being.

Liz founded Wonder Women Network, a community for women that provides unique events to connect, promote and nurture female entrepreneurs.

Network -Learn-Grow 

Fit For Business 


We deliver events to ambitious female women, who like us, want to Network, Learn and Grow both professionally and personally.


These events are designed for women who want to connect with women they can relate and aspire to and as a result, grow their business skills as well as their freelance network.

“I attend a number of networking events and this is unique in that there is also an

opportunity for you to reflect and grow as a business owner with support from Liz,

Danielle and the other wonderful women in the group. I learned so much from

the ‘business wheel’ exercise about me and my business and I am eager to

continue to learn in the next sessions." 

Michelle, 2019



“Liz and Danielle have hit on something fairly unique for business women in Kent. The energy in the

room was palpable, without any pressure to network uncomfortably, you could see the room

responding to the activity Danielle and Liz had designed and applying it to their business aims.”

Jodi, 2019



“This is networking with a difference. The energy of Liz and Danielle is so contagious and I left

feeling energised and enthusiastic about my business. So many networking groups are just about

handing out business cards and standing up to do your pitch. This offers something gentler but, at

the same time, far more powerful - the chance to build real relationships with like-minded women,

whilst also learning something that will grow your business.” 

Ruth, 2019

"Live in each season as it passes:

breathe the air, drink the drink, 

taste the fruit" 

David Henry Thoreau

Unstoppable Energy Day Retreats

Day Retreats for Women

Our passion is to trigger a sustainable change in your life through nutrition and wellbeing coaching.

Our events are designed for busy women who want more energy and to feel healthier in body and mind.

Our approach is to harness the benefits of eating seasonally and renew your energy through awareness, practical tips and sustainable ways of making life easier.


We give you the positive reinforcement you need to make lifestyle changes.


These events are co-hosted and co-presented with Hannah Carr of The Nourished Body.


Co-Host Hannah Carr

The Nourished Body

Hannah is a naturopathic nutritionist and yoga teacher.  She helps busy Women fight fatigue, stress and overwhelm naturally by balancing hormones., helping them rebalance their health and live pain-free. 

Eat-Live-Feel Better

Unstoppable Energy


We've combined our passions and knowledge to provide information, advice

and motivation to other busy women, who like us, seek inspirational, practical

and sustainable ways to make life easier, better and even more enjoyable.

A fabulous morning! I learnt a lot about myself in the session

as well as loads of top tips for gaining unstoppable energy!

Workshop guest 2019



Thank you - really enlightening workshop. A real insight into helping

tune into my body and how to make changes to everyday life to increase energy, improve

nutrition and setting goals to take forward. 

Workshop guest 2019


Fantastic - informative, stimulating and 

delivered with energy and enthusiasm. Thank you so much!

Workshop guest 2019

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