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I offer coaching and hands-on support to help you truly focus on your skillset and stay in control of your business. The experience gives you space and time to disconnect from the everyday tasks helping you to gain fresh perspectives, get creative and build momentum with a clear plan.




The 'Focus Me' package is there for you as and when you need it.


It's designed for those moments when you need a bespoke focused session.


It could be that you are feeling unsure which action you need to do next, when everything feels like a priority! 


Or, you may have an important decision to make and want impartial support to work through all possibilities and perspectives.


 You can bring any challenge you are experiencing to the session and together we will use a variety of techniques to practicality and creatively move steadily towards

your desired outcome. 





Depending on your need you can choose to book for an hour or up to

a half-day long session.  


Cost per 1-hour session: £55.00 

Cost per 90-minute session: £80.00 

Cost for half day (3 hours): £160.00 




The 'Business Buddy' package is there for you to experience on-going support. You can choose to book a 3 or 6 session coaching package.  


It's designed to give you clarity and direction and know that you have someone to keep you on track and motivated.


The first session will be an workshop for us to create a vision of what you want to achieve and then we will create a structure and plan to get

you there. 


During the follow up accountability sessions, we will review and refocus you, keeping you aligned to your vision. 






By commiting to the 'Business Buddy' package you will benefit from a 10% reduction across all sessions. 


Cost of a 3-session package: £170.00


1 x workshop  (90-minute) and 

2 x 60-minute session


Cost  6-session package: £320.00


1 x workshop  (90-minute) and 

5 x 60-minute session



The packages above are examples of what has worked well for my clients. We can discuss tailored options that would best support your business.

Take it off

my hands


I can be retained for specific projects where I deliver a  project on your behalf. Alternatively,  I can support you with a project to help set you up for success and then take it on

for yourself. 


Examples include; Forming your strategic vision and developing the tactical plans. Creating project plans and forming project teams.


I am highly experienced in People Management and can help you get the best out of your teams; identify the people skills your business needs, deliliver training or support interviews and performance reviews. Take a look at my 'Strengthen Your Team' page






We can discuss your business needs and timescales and create a tailored option that would best support you and your business.

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